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Aloha Editor for Enterprise

The world’s most advanced browser HTML5 based WYSIWYG editor lets you experience a whole new way of editing. It’s faster than existing technologies and offers unprecedented WYSIWYG functionalities.

Aloha Editor is designed to be the easiest to use, the fastest in editing and the best in its functions. We made no trade-off in our concept when it comes to user experience.

The choice for your business

Most of the other Editors use iframes to enable editing. Aloha Editor uses the HTML5 “content editable” standard to allow instant inline editing. It does not matter how complex your design is. You see exactly how it will look like while editing.


Aloha Editor is different. Feel the difference.


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Just edit.

Click and edit. This is all you need. You do not need to reload the website. Just click and edit. Work directly on the final document. You see what you get - with every keystroke! Aloha Editor is the real "What you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG).

Save 25% of your time!

Aloha Editor makes your editing process faster. Each single editing step has been improved. First we reduced the number of steps it takes to get your daily work done. Then we improved the duration of each single step. This results in 25% less time you spend on typing and formatting your content.

Dynamic WYSIWYG.

Aloha Editor allows you to edit content you would never have thought you can. It´s the first time you can edit dynamic content live and in place like in sliders, tickers, content accordions, captions or descriptions of images in slideshows.

HTML5 contenteditable.

Aloha Editor makes HTML5 contenteditable possible. Contenteditable is the heart of Aloha Editor and makes it to world's most advanced Editor. With Aloha Editor you are one step closer to the exciting new world that comes with HTML5. The future of content editing.

Never been so easy.

Editing any content with Aloha Editor is similar to editing with state of the art word processors on your desktop. No need to learn HTML, Wiki or other markup language. Dialogs designed for users not for techies.

The floating menu.

The menu floats to the content element you are just editing. Showing no more than 15 icons at the same time. You only see those icons which are useful to you determined by your selection or cursor position.

Tables for the web.

It has never been easier to insert or edit tables on the web. Insert a table. Choose the table´s size. Add rows or columns. Directly in the content. With one click. Use the "TAB" key to jump from one cell to the next.

Link the world.

Is the world's easiest way to set a link. Click on the link icon or press CTRL+L. Type the URL or a keyword you want to link. Or choose one from a list of existing links appearing while typing.


Aloha Editor Blocks are widgets you can use in your editable area. For example an image with caption or a product from your shop where the price is dynamically updated from the e-commerce system.

80% loading speedup

Aloha Editor is ready to use when your website is loaded. Even if you need 20 or 100 input areas, Aloha Editor is loaded only once. Most of the other Editors use iframes and need to reload the Javascript and CSS for each instance. Aloha Editor does not need iframes, saving up to 80% of the loading time.

Connect everything

The Aloha Editor Repository API makes it easy to connect any backend system. The Repository API is close to the CMIS standard and offers a lot of functionalities.

Get what you develop

Developers get what they expect. Aloha Editor produces clean xHTML5 code for your application. No need to cleanup the code before you store it in your application. Thus there is no need for a source code view in Aloha Editor.

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What they say about Aloha Editor

WYSIWYG editors are the work of the devil but Aloha is the Fun Park alcove of hell. Cool!
Ha! @alohaeditor showing off how contenteditable works on transformed elements:
Unbelievable Github eBook Editor! Built with Aloha Editor. Amazing. Write books with all github features.  TRY #aecamp
Just switched to @alohaeditor from TinyMCE for a project. Miles easier to work with!